Zootopia: Political Satire for the Whole Family

There’s something beautiful in the way that Zootopia toes the line between political satire and a fun adventure for children.  But the movie pulls it off effortlessly and we are left with a film enjoyable by audiences of every type.

The premise is simple; a country rabbit dreams of being the first cop in Zootopia, a sprawling metropolis filled with walking and talking animals.  Soon the rabbit, who goes by Judy, finds herself embroiled in a conspiracy after her first day.  I won’t go into any more detail for fear of spoiling, but just know that what follows is an enjoyable trip with a fantastic cast of characters.  I’ll be honest in that I wasn’t very excited for this movie because it just felt like I’d seen it done a thousand times before.  But the writers did a great job in making a story that sort of transcends that cliché and give the film some meaningful and very topical themes.  Adults will be able to pick up on and enjoy the satire, while kids will still be able to enjoy it for its face value.

While I believe story is everything, it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty looking movie.  I think that will be one of the things people remember about this film, because it really manages to stand out from the pack.  The amount of little details, fluidity, character quirks, the gorgeous setting, and the expressiveness in Zootopia is simply jaw dropping.  From a purely technical standpoint, it can be argued that Zootopia is the best the industry has offered.

I honestly think this movie will be remembered fondly years from now.  I could see myself watching this over and over again and not getting tired.  From the stunning imagery to the nuanced characters.  The biting political satire and the simple children gags.  This movie really surprised me, and for that I’m happy.  If you’re one of the many people, like myself, which were thrown off by the sub-par trailer, let this review steer you in the right direction.  Zootopia is not only a stunning film to watch, but a substantive film filled with subversive comedy fit for the whole family.


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