Ted 2: Seth is Back to Form

I was pretty nervous about Ted 2.  The first one was alright, but had a lot of room to grow.  Plus after A Million Ways to Die, I was worried Seth Macfarlane lost his touch.   I feel like it was held back by trying to be an R-rated version of a family dramedy.  Luckily I was wrong.

What’s interesting about this movie is how it follows the second half of a plot structure the first movie started. Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with girl.  Girl tries to change boy.  Boy realizes girl isn’t worth it.  Boy falls in love with the nerd/not as hot girl.  Boy and new girl live happily ever after.  Ted 2 expands on everything the first movie set up, and finishes up the structure.  And it does it’s great.

If you’re still with me, great.  I didn’t know how else to explain what was going through my head, so I may have lost a couple there.  Moving on.  Ted 2 really takes the idea of a teddy bear come to life and has fun with it.  Imagine the comedy of classic Family Guy, before it got old.  This movie is filled with that same style of comedy, and makes it refreshing.  Ted 2 is essentially an extended Family Guy episode, but the good kind.  The really good kind.

Acting isn’t anything special here.  Mark Whalberg plays a caricature of himself, and he plays it well like always.  Voice work by Seth Macfarlane as Ted is fantastic as always.  Now that I think of it, it takes a certain amount of skill to act around a teddy bear that’s supposed to be alive.  As you’re watching, just stop and think about how they filmed some of those scenes knowing that the bear isn’t actually alive and you’ll appreciate it a little more.

The amount of random humor was increased significantly, and it works.  The movie doesn’t shy away and fully embraces what it is; a dumb buddy comedy.  It really doesn’t try to be anything more.  And I really appreciated it for that.  My suggestion to maximize enjoyment of this movie?  Get a friend, get a blunt, and get some snacks.  Kick back, relax, and let yourself escape into the magic that is Ted 2.


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