Mad Max Fury Road: The Epitome of Action

Alright I’ll just get this out of the way.  Mad Max is the best action movie in recent memory.  It’s the perfect golden standard that John Wick dipped into.  It is the new standard of action movies.  It’s going to be pretty tough to crack this one.

Right from the get-go this movie goes full blast and never backs down.  I know its super early, but it’s nothing less than the epitome of the action genre.  Seriously.  I can’t remember the last movie, if any, that was literally nonstop action throughout.  And the action itself is top notch.  I looked up some behind the scenes of the movie, and found that nearly the entire movie was shot on location and with real props and stunt men.  The whole movie.  There’s virtually zero CGI in the movie and when there is, you don’t even notice because it’s so small.  Which is how CGI should be used.

Honestly the acting is pretty average, but for an action movie it passes.  Not to mention acting isn’t a top priority in this genre.  There’s nobody that drags the movie down, but also no one that shines out.  What is surprising, is how good the writing is.  Absolutely nothing feels forced in this movie.  Those long, annoying, boring, out of place expositional scenes are nowhere to be found here.  Most of the story is told through the action and small exchanges in between.  There’s one scene near the beginning where no words at all were uttered yet it kept you hooked and showed you the scene.

Honestly I could go on and on about why this movie is great and is already in the running for movie of the year.  But I think you get it.  There’s one more thing I’d like to mention, and it’s the small world building this film did.  It didn’t hold your hand and carefully explain every little thing.  It really let you figure out for yourself and spot different things.  Oh and the fun aspect.  Its one of those movies that’s just fun from start to finish.  I promise you’ll be smiling from start to finish.

So yeah, I think I’ve made it pretty clear.  Go see this movie ASAP if you haven’t.  If you have, go see it again.  Show Hollywood there’s an audience for these R-rated action movies.  I’m really rooting for this movie to do well and I hope it begins a new era of the action genre.


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