Tomorrowland: Sleeper Pick of the Summer (Review)

I think it was about 10 minutes into this movie when I fell in love.  It was right around the time when a young boy, Frank, had just been transported to the magical world that is Tomorrowland.  This boy, something of an inventor, found himself in a strange new world surrounded by things like robots and spacecraft.  I was hooked.  Watching him fly around Tomorrowland on his own jetpack was pure joy.  Something that I feel has been missing in cinema lately.

The premise to Tomorrowland is simple; the geniuses of the world are gathered to a different place in time and space to create to their hearts content, not held back by the politics of Earth.  Fast forward to present day and we find that Tomorrowland has fallen on bad times and the world is ending.  What follows is an exhilarating adventure full of amazing ideas and inventions.

The acting here serves its purpose.  George Clooney and Hugh Laurie are both veterans in the industry and show why they’re respected and acclaimed, even in a Disney kids movie.  As for the rest of the movie, the acting honestly isn’t anything extraordinary.  One thing that I will mention is the performance by Raffey Cassidy, who plays Athena, a very important character in the film.  Cassidy is a child actor, and one that I’ve never seen before, and she shows a lot of promise.

The writing was also a little average.  There’s quite a few beefy exposition scene that really screw up the whole flow of the movie.  I feel like it’s a great story that could have been executed better, but suffered from the weight of being a movie meant for children.  Maybe if it was written with an adult audience in mind, it would have felt a lot less clunky.  But that wasn’t the case, and we got what we got.

Despite the subpar acting and writing, the visuals and atmosphere of the movie were mindblowing.  The city of Tomorrowland is truly breathtaking.  From the first time you see it to the last, it continues to inspire awe and amazement.  The CGI is fantastically utilized and gives people an exciting world to watch, full of wonderful inventions.

While Tomorrowland isn’t anything groundbreaking or award worthy, it serves its purpose and is definitely full of heart.  This is obviously a summer family flick.  A good movie to catch with the family on a Friday night.  Sure it’s acting is a little dry at times, and the writing is definitely a little hard to swallow, the themes present and the impressive visuals are more than enough to carry the movie.  I’d recommend this movie for sure, just don’t expect an Oscar worthy picture.  The most amazing thing about this movie is that it manages to ignite that childhood curiosity we all used to have.  And that’s something magical.


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